Aug 5, 2013

Five Simple Steps to Snap out of a Bad Mood

Let’s face it; we all get stressed for one reason or another. But if you wake up in a bad mood or find yourself in a bad mood as a result of having a stressful day, you can easily snap out of it if you choose. The key word here is “choose.” It’s all about choice. Emotions are energy so you may not be able to prevent yourself from being in a bad mood because energy has both a positive and negative charge, and therefore, so do emotions. So it’s as natural to feel angry, upset or moody (negative emotions), as it is to feel happy or any other positive emotion. In this episode, I’ll share with you my five simple steps to snap out of a bad mood.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A COMMENT, RATE AND REVIEW AND SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  THANKS!