7-Ways to Get Rid of the Energy Suckers (Negative People) & Energize Your Life


Negative people are filled with dark matter.  Most of them have been living in the abyss of despair for so long, not only have they given up on their dreams, they are also quick to convince you of the futility of yours.  I call these kinds of people “energy suckers” because their negativity slowly sucks the life out of you. So how do you detox yourself of this toxic negative energy and feel alive again?  You have to make the decision that your life is too short and time too valuable to share it with people who no longer serve you.  The following ideas will help you get rid of the major energy suckers in your life, take back your power, and energize your life.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A COMMENT, RATE, REVIEW AND SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  THANKS!